Bánh-mì happy truck

My young bestie is currently living and working in France, yet her wholeheartedly love remains in the Vietnamese cuisine, especially bánh-mì (the Vietnamese bread). She then has herself a chain of bánh-mì vans; partly because she wants to live with her burning passion, partly because she keeps dreaming of putting bánh-mì on the map of France, where she is currently residing.

If you are living in Les rues de Paris, France and wanna try bánh-mì, please visit (just click --->) Bánh-Mì Happy Truck's fanpage for more information ;)

Items: Packaging, name card, leaflet, chart board, apron, vans

Designer Anh Nguyen
Client Ms. Hong Nhung

Photo credit Ms. Hong Nhung & Fanpage Bánh-Mì Happy Truck